Putting Sticks Together & Constant Change

20160616_164124.jpgYou never realize the abilities that you might possess until you actually try something new. I’ve always been good with my hands and wood, but never have I had to build so much on my own. Back in the lower 48, I would more than likely have paid someone to do the task that I’ve been completing, either because I didn’t have the time or just because I didn’t want to mess with it. Out here, you have all the time in the world and no one you can pay to come out here to do it for you….

We started several new projects this week. First, we made doors for the fuel shed and added some lighting windows. The old man prior to us just had an old tarp hanging over the entrance way. We have been super resourceful using two window boxes we found in Austin on the side of the road. I originally brought them with us because I thought I could use them as growing boxes for germinating seeds. All the other wood was from around the property.


Next, I wanted to install a cover on our porch so that I can work on stuff outside and be protected from rain or snow. Now all this lumber had to be brought in on the boat. way different coming from living across from a Home Depot back in Texas. At this stage in my life, I have really gotten used to carrying around a notepad and pen. You have maybe 1 trip a week to town and if you forget something, that means you have to wait till the next visit. When you’re so close to finishing a project and this happens it’s not as easy as riding up the road to Home Depot and getting  what you need. It’s really aggravating. So, making lists has become a big part of our lives. With Jen’s help, we knocked out the patio and are pleased. Next project will be a smoke house for the salmon and Jennifer wants a new plush outhouse…lol




Snow on the mountains is fading more and more every day. We are in a continuing change of surroundings. Flowers bloom, then fade away, and a new species follows in their place. One week the Sitka spruce is releasing so much pollen it looks like smoke from a fire on the mountainside. The next week cotton wood is pollinating and there is so much cotton floating in the air that it looks like snow is falling. One week you will see moose cows with their newborn and the next week you will have a Sitka Grouse and 6 baby chick’s feeding in your yard. Big changes are coming to the lake in about 2 more weeks. The first run of salmon will be entering the lake to spawn and then die.  Bear are literally using the roads to make their way to the lake. Jen witnessed this first hand. It’s amazing how they know the exact time when the salmon show up.


The weather is always changing continuously.  This week we will have the longest days of the year with the summer equinox and full moon approaching. June 21st will be the longest day of the year. With the sun rising around 3:30 AM and setting at 11:00 pm. This will make for about 19 hours of daylight. I can’t wait for this to change. I’m ready to see a night sky with some stars and northern lights. The bugs have been bad due to the higher temperature, but then the next day the wind will blow them out and they won’t bother us for a couple of days. This week, we have seen big, gorgeous dragonflies. The changes go on and on. Maybe these earthly changes have always been around us and we have been just too preoccupied to observe  them. Now that we are out here, you really notice them. We feel more and as time goes by that this is the natural balance of God, life and nature that we are supposed to be experiencing. But please God, turn off the lights!!…lol


5 thoughts on “Putting Sticks Together & Constant Change

  1. I am almost getting jealous of your new adventure and then I remember that the snow is right around the corner and I am really happy with the Texas weather!


  2. Me and your aunt Laurie love reading about your adventure. Gary and I are hope to come visit yawl next year. I you’ll have us.


  3. It is awesome to see all these projects you guys are working on, come together. Like everyone else, we look forward to your posts! Demitrius left a voice mail for you guys, let us know when you hear it. Love & Blessings!


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