The Klondike Gold Rush 

img959286-1.jpgThis week we had the pleasure of going over to the next closest town to us, Skagway. One of our newest buddies was kind enough to offer to play tour guide and take us up there. He is another one of these “open arms, wants to do anything to help you Alaskan guy”. He owns a small cafe up the road from us at mile 33 on Haines Highway. The 33 mile it is definitely hands down our favorite place to eat when we go to town and indulge, and the best food around as well. Check out his Facebook page here. They specialize in helli-sking, and snowmobiling in the winter. Very cool place. Anyways, Skagway is positioned at the very end of the Lynn Canal (North America’s largest fyord). You must take a 45min boat ride from Haines to get over there.



This is no ordinary ocean boat ride…along with the stunning mountain views around you, the sea cliffs are covered with sea lions.These are very interesting creatures.some of the bulls must have weighed close to 1000 lbs.


We also ran across a huge whale. He popped up out of the ocean twice about 100 feet from our boat, blew air out of his blow hole then dived to the deep leaving us with a big tale slap on his way down. Once arriving in Skagway, they had 2 cruise ships docked, so this was the 1st time in 5 weeks that Jen and I have seen so many people. It was also the 1st time we’ve been in a town larger then Haines. This place was big time. It had a Starbucks…lol.


It was neat to see the town I’ve always been fascinated with in Alaskan history, and this was the spot of the Famous Chilkoot Trail. It was used by all the hopeful gold miners when gold was found in the Yukon Valley….it sparked the great Klondike gold rush! If you have ever seen the old magnificent pictures of a complete white out mountain with a single file line of men and equipment going straight up and over this is where that photo was taken. I’m always in awe when I think how tough all those pioneers where back in the day trying to tame this wild country. But when your chasing a dream not much can stop you!


2 thoughts on “The Klondike Gold Rush 

  1. Yes, your guide is an amazing man and 33 Mile is a special place. Your tour looked amazing. Wait till Fall if you haven’t seen Haines vast beauty that time of the year. It’s very different from Southeast, AK. Hope to meet you both, maybe September. I enjoyed your share! Heidi


  2. Wow! How Surreal and beautiful!!! What an awesome thing to see in person. Every where you look is so beautiful. I love the little town!! Transplant me there please!!


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