Trail Blazing, Workouts & Gardening

Jennifer is an exercise  maniac. It’s funny and amazing to see all the different ways she’s finding out how to have a productive workout on the property. From running up and down the hill, to moving logs and stones. Her dedication is above me, with all the projects at hand the last thing I want is to workout. She is definitely gonna out live me.
This week has been full of more productivity. We got the raised beds up for the vegetables. Due to the cooler Alaska temperatures, we are gonna experiment..we will have several traditional rows and several raised beds. We think the raised beds will have the most advantages. We built tunnel cloche with clear plastic.”cloche” is french for “bell”; early designs were often bell-shaped and made of glass but now more often clear plastic. These allow you to have warmer soil and create more of an individual micro-climate in each raised bed. Also these will help detour curtain pests easier.
The trail behind the house has begun, and this is quite the job. Because we sit on the north side of the mountain, we get maximum sun exposure. This means our side of the mountain is a jungle! My plan is to connect our property with an existing trail on the larger lake. It sits approximately 9 to 10 miles northeast of us. The highest elevation point is directly behind our property. Going from about 200ft to 1500 ft within about 1mile. Once over the ridge and down on the south slope, it becomes a more open forest with large hemlocks, spruce, and birchwood trees. I consider this a crucial project because with this route we will have access to get off the lake by land and not locked to riding on the lake. This is especially important because it will take some of the stress away in the winter time from having to ride on top of the frozen lake. This is turning out to be the most challenging for me due to the thickness of the woods and the elevation. Every week I try to focus on getting 300 to 500 yards chopped away. I’m thinking maybe I’ll be complete by next summer hopefully. In the fall, the woods open up when foliage starts dying off, so hopefully it will be easier then.
  It’s been raining for the past 3 days and life must press on. We will be going to town tomorrow and we are a little worried about how high the water may have risen on the river, but we learned the 1st week we were here…you just have to stay calm when navigating the river.

4 thoughts on “Trail Blazing, Workouts & Gardening

  1. found your web site & blog – very adventurous! Hope all is going well – you look happy.
    Try this for a bug repellant:
    Big bottle of Blue cheap mouthwash
    3 cups Epsom salt
    3 12oz cans of stale cheap beer
    mix them together until salt is dissolved – spray anywhere outside, will not harm plants or flowers
    Mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs will be gone from the area for about 80 days – the stronger the mix the longer it lasts – bugs hate it
    Smells minty – hope it doesn’t attract other varmints though – never tried it in bear country!


  2. Well, the gun show was pretty amazing, Jennifer! You might need a separate blog just for fitness. All of the progress you guys are making is awesome to see. We are so proud of y’all!


  3. Wow! That is totally amazing! Making your own trail through that thick forest is quite the project to have on your plate! I’m totally amazed at you two!!!


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