All the pretty flowers

wp-1464811688918.jpgI didn’t know that Alaska had such beautiful flowers!  I guess the extended hours of sun and this fertile soil makes it a perfect place for everything that grows. I thought Texas had beautiful roadways blooming with Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush, but Alaska gives quite the summer display of color, not only along the roadways, but even growing wild all over our lake property. We have had fun scouring through plant identification books, and have discovered that we have numerous wild strawberry patches on our property. These will provide luscious berries in July. I can’t wait to see what kind of a harvest they will bring. I’m imagining my freezer full of strawberries. We have been on the lookout for blueberry patches. We don’t have any on our property that we have found yet, but they are everywhere along the lake and roadways, so we are hoping to do some transplants and bring them in. I have started weeding all of the wild flower areas on the property and hope to further cultivate all of the pretty flowers. There are so many varieties, it is a flower gardener’s heaven.


One thought on “All the pretty flowers

  1. OMG! How beautiful. You would think it would be to cold for such beautiful flowers. I have never seen anything like that orange flower!


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