The Help, Muskeg, and Monsters 

So now we are to the point that going to town is a drag. Unfortunately this means blog posts will probably start being posted every couple of weeks versus every week. This just means that we will have more to write about. The past couple of weeks have been very eventful. The Southeast Alaska state fair has come and gone. I convinced Jen to enter one of her best desserts and I participated by entering what I do best…Gardening. Jen placed 1st in her division. My black currants got 1st, watermelon berries got 3rd, high bush cranberries got honorable mention, and my Zucchini got 3rd largest…all my seeds got in the ground late this year due to us getting here about a month behind the growing schedule, but  I will be better prepared to take home all the blue ribbons next year…lol.

The garden  has been doing great and we are getting a good harvest. We have already started canning veggies for the winter. The Sockeye salmon are plentiful in the lake right now.

The last time we checked the fish and game counter it had 20,000 fish that passed through the gate in Clear Creek. These fish are a challenge to catch because they stop feeding when they hit the fresh water. The Coho Samon that arrive in Sept or October are the ones that hit lures, so we are anticipating to gather the majority of our fish then.

 We have been baiting alot of bears at the end of the lake to get good footage on the game cams.”img_1318.jpg We’ve caught a young one on film and a couple of larger browns. One afternoon while we were setting up the cameras, we heard a lot of commotion in the woods heading our way. All of a sudden a large cow moose burst through the alder bushes followed by two large calves. As they ran through the marsh and swam through this little gully, Jen and I could tell the mommy cow was highly stressed and agitated. Once they crossed the gully and got to high ground, we could tell they were being chased by something. At that moment,  a huge grizzly stood up on his hind legs and popped his body out of the brush to get a look at where his meal was. Then, he went back down and all of a sudden he was bursting through the bushes as well and running straight towards the moose. He jumped in the gully and started swimming towards them. Jen and I were in the boat about 100 yards away in awe about what we were about to see happen… then when we thought we were going to see an amazing National Geographic  moment  of a grizzly bear mauling a moose, the mommy moose turned towards the grizzly and started to charge it in the water. I guess bears know they are no match for a long-legged moose in the swampy water, because he immediately did a 180, and went back to the other side of the stream. Once back on land the bear stood up on his hind legs and gazed at the little moose as though he was thinking…”ya’ll lucky ya’ll with your momma”,  then he scurried back off into the woods. We are always reminded how wild it is out here.
“The help” arrived this week…Jen’s sister is visiting us for about a month.img_1321.jpgimg_1335.jpg

I tell you that woman can wash some dishes! lol   We have been doing alot of boat riding and sight seeing and showing her God’s country.img_1316.jpgimg_1313.jpg20160801_204719 I also had a long list of things she could help with .


It has been nice to have another set of hands on the property, but after about a of day hanging out with the two of them together, I had to get off the property ASAP! So, Mr Harris and I decided to go up the the top of Flower Mountain and do some exploring. He is always a great tour guide. We took his jeep up to the top followed by his son and buddy on their dirt bikes, and another friend on his quad. He showed me all the best spots for snowmobiling in the winter time. He was really wanting me to have the real Alaskan mountain experience so he had to introduce me to Alaskan “muskeg”. For those who don’t know what this is, its just like quicksand! Once you’re in it, it’s near impossible to get out of it. As we were cruising across the mountaintop in his jeep, we came to an abrupt hault. We were completely up to the doors in muskeg. This mushy, swampy ground had us in its grip and we were going nowhere fast. received_10202131563408236.jpegreceived_10202131563248232.jpegWe were kinda perplexed that we happen to run into the only spot on the entire mountain were there was some muskeg. After spending roughly 2 to 3 hours trying everything we could think of to get his jeep out, we finally gave in and decided we needed to go down the mountain and get my four-wheel drive truck. This might have been an easy task if there were some trees to wrap the wench around,  but there is not much timber on the summit of most of these mountains. After making it back to the top with my Toyota, we were able to extract the jeep and continue riding around on the summit and enjoy the views.received_10202131562288208.jpeg

Back at the property, we decided that we should fall the last dead tree on the property and split up the rest for our winter firewood stash. This tree was a monster. It had to be 200 plus years old.20160802_101415 Knowing that if I knock down this tree, it would provide us with the last of what we will need to be adequately prepared for the long winter. So, with that in mind, I started to chip away at it. The giant finally came to rest right where I was anticipating.20160802_131423 I really hate cutting down these giant monsters, because they have so much mystic appeal to them, but it was dead and it could be a threat to the house.20160802_132116 The really tough part of this jobs isn’t falling the tree, but after bucking these large monsters, its getting the huge chunks up the hillside to the log splitter.img_1631.jpg
I’m finding out really quickly that there’s not much we can’t accomplish if we just try and give it our best. Things are running smoothly and everyday we are feeling more and more as though we are home. The leaves are already starting to charge colors and all the fireweed blooms are gone. This is the native’s way of knowing that summer is over and fall is around the corner. It has been an amazing first summer to our adventure and God willing we will have many more to come!

One thought on “The Help, Muskeg, and Monsters 

  1. One adventure after another…you guys are so awesome.

    Love the pictures…thank you.

    Love Aunt Glenda and Uncle Ron



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