A Small Miracle

It’s hard to live so close to nature and not recognize the powerful hand of God in everything. I don’t know if it’s living by the work of your hands, or the recognition that everything that comes to you is a gift. I find myself praying alot throughout the day, mostly giving thanks and often giving praise for the wonder of everything in nature that He created.

Yesterday, Nate and I woke up early and the lake looked so smooth and beautiful, we decided to ditch our chores for the morning and go fishing.We went out in our big boat, and visited some of our favorite fishing spots. Nothing was really biting, but the nature all around us was amazing. Nate found a large blueberry bush on the bank where we were
fishing and dug it up and was anxious to get it back home to try and replant it on our property. I was still enjoying the peacefulness of being out on the lake on this beautiful day, so as he parked the boat, I transferred the fishing poles into the canoe, and set off on my own for more of this beautiful nature.

I drifted with the current that had picked up by now, hardly having to paddle at all. The current guided me along the bank and I casted the pole out, watching my lure in the water being chased by schools of very small salmon that have hatched in this lake this past spring. The water is very clear right now, and you have about 3-4 feet visibility, so
it’s fun to watch the fish (big and small) chase your lure. As we come closer to the end of summer, the weeds will grow to the top of the water, and silt from the glaciers will add some cloudiness to the water. For now, we have clear waters. I enjoyed this effortless canoe ride.

I came to the end of the small lake to a spot we call “Bear Alley” because the lake pretty
much ends, but there is a small creek that continues down to the Takhin River. This creek is only as wide as the canoe, and it snakes through high marsh. You can see spots where bear have been bedding down or eating. Nate and I have been back there a few times, but only with loaded guns. I didn’t travel back there today. Instead, I stayed near the banks of the end of the small lake. After a while, I decided to start heading back to the house. First, I decided to paddle, but I was having lots of trouble. The current was still flowing towards me, and it was so strong that I couldn’t even get the canoe to face frontwards to begin heading in the opposite direction.

Next, I decided I would simply try to and paddle perpendicular to the current and get to the other side of the lake, where I may be able to paddle up close to the bank, where the current might not be so strong. But with each paddle, I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was dumbfounded as to why I couldn’t paddle the boat back against the current. It really didn’t look that strong. In desperation, I decided to put the trolling motor in the water and get some help. This didn’t work either. The trolling motor would only hold the boat in the same spot against the current. I tried adjusting the motor several times, as this was the first time I used it, and I thought I might be doing something wrong. All of my attempts were futile. I drifted to a calmer section of the back of the lake, and with the trolling motor still going, I did small circles in place while I decided what to do.

I knew that eventually, Nate would come looking for me in the big boat, but I’m not sure how long that would take. Maybe a few more hours? I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone before he would get worried. I thought about getting out on the bank and walking
back to the house by hiking along the shore and pulling the canoe, but I imagined this would be much too treacherous. I had done that before for a much smaller distance, and it’s much harder than it sounds because it’s all very rocky and high. So, I decided to wait for Nate to come. I got the fishing pole out and started fishing to bide my time. I fished for about twenty minutes then stopped and just enjoyed the sights and sounds. The gentle slap of the water on the canoe. The breeze blowing the trees, the birds. My thoughts turned to God, and I said, “Now, Jesus, you could help me out here. You could reverse the current so that I could paddle back home.” I kind of chuckled at this request. But, to my surprise, almost instantly, I looked at the water, and the current was now moving the other way. I almost couldn’t believe it. I turned off the trolling motor (which was pretty much dead by now, we think the battery was dead), and I put the paddle in the water,
and pressed against the water. I moved. I paddled again, and I was astounded that I was moving. I paddled harder and brisker, and the boat was really moving. I was elated. I couldn’t believe that the current had reversed. I sped along the banks, and at times, didn’t even have to paddle because the current was pulling me back home. I fished a little when I wasn’t paddling, but I mostly was in awe of God’s grace. And, His sense of
humor, and His readiness to help his little ones at any moment of our lives. All we have to do is ask.

As I was drifting back home, and thanking God, I joked, “Now, you can also help me catch a big fish to have for dinner.” I could almost hear God joke back with me, “Don’t push your luck, Missy!” As I neared our cabin, Nate was on the dock with the binoculars, looking my way. So, even if God wouldn’t have saved me, Nate would have been out shortly. I told him that I got into some trouble and that Jesus saved me. He thought I was chased by a bear again, but rolled his eyes when he found out I was just unable to paddle back against the current. I told him I didn’t know how long it would take for him to come looking for me. He said he was getting hungry and was ready for someone to cook his lunch–lol. Whether Nate believed a miracle happened or not, or whether anyone believes, I do. God is awesome.


7 thoughts on “A Small Miracle

  1. i knew you would find a way to be fishing. what a cool story and yes, i agree, you should have caught a big fish. but there is always tomorrow. heading to the texas coast this 4th of july weekend. i cant wait to see yall figuring it all out and ready-ing for my visit. of yes, i will be visiting. looks like such a great adventure.
    ( i write this in my office at a desk 20 minutes before 5 o clock traffic ) yep= sucks

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