Promises, Grub and a Bear

Now that “the PPP” was complete(Poo Palace Projet) we were gonna relax this weekend…..we went to town to get a few things, fished a little, and had a friend over for dinner. Having someone over for dinner is a big deal for us now. We go about 4 to 5 days right now before we see another human being. Just Jen and I. It seems like every time we get together with locals, the conversation will go to…winter. The biggest thing that Jen and I can take away from these get together with locals is knowledge from their experiences out here. Never are we shy about asking questions. It seems like the topic is always about that crazy, ever-changing river and winter. The two most sketchy things out here. During freeze up, Jen and I will be stuck on the back lake approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During this time, while the lake is freezing, you can’t get a boat through it, and it’s not thick enough to handle weight of the snow machines.
(The pic on the left we took in June, the pic on the right we got of the same mountain shot from our cabin in December from the former owner of our property)
We are trying to be stocked up so that we don’t have a need to go to town. Only one rule  this winter—no one can get hurt. The Coast Guard is the only one capable of getting back here, if needed. No police or fire rescue out here. Projects halt and we slow everything down for the winter, so hopefully that will be an easy rule to follow. So, the topic at dinner was, Jen thought we were dragging our feet on splitting our wood for winter. I promised her we were not running out of anything this winter, except  our sanity, of course. So, with that promise, we started on our fire stash. So much for relaxing… now this coonass might be crazy, but I ain’t no fool. I made sure to have a 22 ton log splitter on this adventure!
Wood=Fuel. All of our cooking and heating the entire house will come from the burning of the sticks. So, we need quite a bit. We will slowly, one day a week, stack up 1 wall height, which we keep under the main house. the family that we bought the property from informed us that if we stack half the distance under the house, that we would have plenty of wood  for the winter. We will be doing the whole length of the house….I promise.
  Alot of people that we’ve been talking  to back home has asked how are we eating? What are we eating? I feel as though people think we’re starving. Believe it or not, we eat more out here. More “home cooked meals!  We don’t have the temptations of going out to eat, or running over to Chick-fil-A…Damn, what I wouldn’t do for some Chick-fil-A right now…lol. I love to cook, but Jen has stepped into the Queen bee and cooks literally 3 meals a day. Breakfast lately consists of pancakes,waffles, or homemade biscuits. We’ve been having fresh strawberries that we are picking from our patch out front. I have never had an abundance of fresh strawberries. The patch completely covers the entire property. It’s craziness!  The Alaska strawberry is a little different. It’s not as dark red as store bought, more pinkish, but super sweet.
Chicken and dumplings, meatloafs, roasts, soups, fresh dungenes crabs, the list goes on and on. Jen made a Coubion with Coho Salmon. “Coho Coubion”, my Cajun friends. Jen is always making cookies and breads to bring people that have helped us along the way. So, I could tell y’all we’re starving and it’s come down to us eating the only amphibian in Alaska. Lots of toads here.
But for the record we are eating well. Come visit and we will feast!!!!
I worked the gardens this weekend also. With the long days things are busting out the are the weeds. We planted a pretty good patch of local potatoes. We purchased the potato sets from a lady found advertising on craigslist in Haines.
(The pic on the right shows the same potato plants about one week earlier)
Everything is doing well, mainly in part because I brought 4 – 55 gallons of my garden soil from back in Texas. Also combined with the compost I had been brewing for the last 2 years that I brought as well. Now, everyone laughed and said that was a waste of space in the uhaul, and I even got griff from the locals here. I left all 4 drums on the gravel pit. They were so heavy that they were the last thing we brought to the property. A local I met didn’t know they were mine and was telling me not to go over by those barrels that he thought they were some type of bombs or explosives. We moved them to the property very early the next morning. I’m telling you…it’s all I the soil!!
We also managed to get sum more fishing in (we starting to freeze fish), and also go check the trail cams we set last week.
To our surprise the bears were not lured in by my bait. Looked like the moose were more interested. We should not have any problems getting a moose I the freezer thus winter. We did capture a couple of big grizzlies on another trail up the way. It’s crazy to imagine these beast are all around us.


Clouds rolled in and hung around pretty much all week, but still breathless surroundings regardless.  It’s been a good week.

One thought on “Promises, Grub and a Bear

  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine any sister sitting and cutting wood using a 22ton wood splitter….Geez. I watched your video, and wanted to know what on earth are you two doing walking through that thick marsh???
    You are truly turning into pioneers and are becoming one with nature. Please be careful! Your garden looks great! I can’t believe how fast it’s growing! Love ya lots!

    Liked by 1 person

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