A Little Coonass Ingenuity

We are learning quickly about adapting and overcoming small life inconveniences. There is nothing that with a little coonass engineering we can’t figure out. Now at week 4, I told Jen we will no longer lug 5 gallon containers from the creek to the house. We are done! With that being said, I set out into the woods to find a side of the mountain where the glacier-fed stream was trickling out. This had to be at least 200 yards up higher than where the house sits so that we could get a good gravitational pull down the mountain.
I dug way into the side of the hill where I found water, and fit a trough that I made from a 55 gallon drum that I cut in half. I put an outlet port at the bottom and ran a half-inch pipe down to the house. From there up through the floor and into a full 55 gallon drum. I placed this drum onto the trunk of a Sitka spruce that we cut down last week. I inserted an exit port at the top of the drum opposite from the inlet port at the bottom. Water enters the bottom, fills the drum, then exits out of the top port, then back out to the existing stream hose we already had out front. We now have 55 gallons of recirculating glacier-fed water coming into the kitchen! It’s not the prettiest site to have a huge black drum in your kitchen, but it’s all about functionality out here. It is really nice to be able to have instant water now..
 We also worked to get the first two rows of vegetables in the ground. The soil is tilled and full of nutrients and they are ready to start growing. This wasn’t an easy task due to the high amount of rocks in the soil, but with a make shift sifter screen we were both impressed with how well the soil turned out. We will keep y’all posted with the fruits of our labor in the next couple of months. If anyone knows me, you know I have a pretty good green thumb, but this is new territory for me. Growing vegetation is pretty easy….so I think, we will see.

4 thoughts on “A Little Coonass Ingenuity

  1. Wow and double Wow!

    Nate you are one great big ball of determination and ingenuity.

    Keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers…love Ron and Glenda



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