Everything is a Process

20160521_144430.jpgHere we are at week 3, and I thought all the hard stuff was behind us. Everything we do out here is a process. Having no running water means that you have to lug water up from the glacier fed creek to do everything-dishes,cleaning, bathing,etc. Not an easy task. Jennifer, being the exercise queen that she is, has taken on this task and I commend her because these 6 gallon jugs must weigh close to 50 lbs each. We both work as a team and everyday feel more and more closer to normalcy. We have been without cell phones now for close to 4 days, but should be back and running when we go to town soon. The only other communication with others this past week has been on short wave radio with an other person on the big lake….there is a total of 6 people all on the lake at this time….Jen and I are the only 2 on the back lake, everyone else resides on the larger lake about 5 miles up stream from us. The locals in town always say, “Wow, y’all are way in the back!”, as though we are so far away…others say, “Wow, y’all are way in the back, nice and secluded!”….that’s more how we feel.

20160521_144708.jpgThe house is finally starting to come together. Projects that I started back in Austin, like the sliding barn doors for the master room are up. Off-the-grid entertainment center up. I might have gone over-board, not having cable and all, but I need my music and movie nights. The work shed is coming together, and washer and dryer hooked up finally. This is not an ordinary washer.You must manually feed it with water for the wash cycle and do the same for the rinse cycle. It’s definitely a chore to do laundry. We are taking advantage of the amazing sunny days and conserving propane by drying clothes outside. The boxes are almost all unpacked.It’s kind of like Christmas, because we have been preparing for a year now, and we have so many new things we are opening for the first time. 2 of everything at that. I always thought that we could never be too prepared. We are definitely stocked up on non-perishables and have quite the pantry going…I’m calling it “Motes Market”. We really could have a lake market with all the food we have. My uncle Jeff would be proud. He is a prepper/survivalist. Check out his book on Amazon, “Once upon an Apocalypse”.

Wildlife viewing has been amazing. I am seeing some of the largest moose. The bulls are in velvet and are very skittish, so they don’t hang around so that you can get pictures of them. The cows and young ones are goofy and will sit and stare at you. Every evening and morning 3 or 4 otters swim up to our dock in curiosity, then swim along their way. While cruising the lake the other morning, Jen and I spotted a huge brown bear on the beach. We stopped and watched him through the binoculars for a minute and noticed he was ripping apart something in the water. After he lost interest an wandered off, we pulled up to the beach to investigate…there was a large dead moose in the water that looked like he had been feeding on for a couple of days.


All the birds and butterflies are out and summer is definitely here. The salmon run has begun but it will take them a good month to swim up river from the ocean to our lake to spawn. We started germinating seeds and are preparing the soil. Optimal planting time for Alaska is May 15th. We got ours in around the 13th so we should be right on time, with the moon and sun.

I feel as though we work harder here then back home. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t get dark until around 11, 11:30. Jen keeps joking once it starts getting dark that it must be midnight…but it’s kinda true. We get so caught up doing stuff and trying to have everything completed right away that we work really long hours. We now have kinda a set schedule for fun time, relax time and work time. We are convincing ourselves that there is no hurry to complete anything. Or, is there? Winter will be here before we know it!!!

2 thoughts on “Everything is a Process

  1. You guys are amazing! Love getting the updates from ya’ll. Did you catch the

    Northern “you guys” and the Southern “ya’ll” – they’re distance cousins. hehe

    Love, Hugs and Prayers,

    Ron and Glenda



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