The Last Day on the Road



The weather varied throughout the 7-day trip. Day one in Texas, we drove away from 85 degrees, scorching sun and high humidity. Nebraska and the Dakotas were cold and rainy for the most part, around 45 degrees. When we first entered Canada they were experiencing a heat wave at 87 degrees. Dawson creek was cooler, 60 degrees. The Alaska Highway was windy and chilly with temperatures ranging from 39 to 50. We had sleeting rain and light snow in some places. Choosing what to wear everyday was a challenge. I mostly dressed in layers on top with yoga pants and flip flops. My toes were cold when I was out of the car, but since I was mostly driving for ten or more hours, I chose comfort in the car over warm toes when pumping gas.  Today’s song was “I got you babe” by sonny & Cher.

The final leg of our journey was Watson Lake to Haines, which was 500 miles. Watson Lake is home to “Sign City”, a corner of the town dedicated to road signs and license plates from people passing through. The stretch of highway from Haines Junction to the town of Haines was amazing. It’s called the Haines Highway. It ascends up a mountain range called, Chilkat Pass. It was the route used by the Dalton Trail during the days of the Klondike Gold Rush. It marks the boundary between the Coast Mountains and Saint Elias Mountains.  The mountain and valleys were full of snow and it was cold and sleeting, with nearly “white out” conditions. The U.S. border was a breath of fresh air after the Canadian prison scare. We were through the border in just a few minutes and met two new friends (border patrol agents) who are locals. Nate made friends with one who is from Lafayettte, LA (his home town), and they made plans to watch the LSU games on television together in the fall. Nate is storing up information on who has television and cable near us, since we have neither at the house, and we both love to watch NFL and some college football games.
We arrived at the place where we launch the boat around 5pm, but it would be hours before reaching our home on the lake. Stay tuned for Nate’s blog about the mishaps that happened on our first trip home on the lake.
But, we are home!

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