A Man, A Woman & their Buckets

The majority of everyone reading this has more than likely have always had running water in their house and plumbing for all of their lives. You don’t realize how convenient that all is until it’s no longer present. Not much of anything is really convenient out here. Like we’ve said in previous blogs, “everything is a process”. We don’t have the convenience of being able to flush a toilet or turn a knob and have instant water. When we orginally started visiting the property and checking out how our lives would dramatically change, we were both open to whatever challenges came our way. With that being said, meet the honey pot.
Not many people reading this has ever heard of a honey pot or more or less used one in their lifetime, except maybe while camping. It’s the most rudimentary plumbing around, and it is very simple to learn to use…lol. Everything goes into the bucket. If it’s a liquid, it can stay a little while in the house but solids must vacate the building and be emptied into what I call “the shit pit”. This is a ginormous hole in the ground that will eventually in time fill up and then it’s time to dig a new pit elsewhere. If the hole is big enough you can get a couple of years out of it without having to move. Originally, the hole on the property was covered with an old rotten piece of plywood. Now this plywood definitely couldn’t hold a grown man walking across it, so I fortified the pit and made sure that no one could tragically fall into this pit. I also added a handy little dump bucket with a lid so that it was more functional than lifting a large piece of plywood.
I thought we were top-notch honey potter’s. Then just last week, out of the blue, Jen informs me that she is not a fan of honey potting and to my disappointment doesn’t want to be a honey potter any longer. She goes on to convince me to build her and outhouse. So with all of my excitement and enthusiasm, I began to make my way to China.
Utilizing only wood that we found on the property, I was able to construct a cool little building.
None of these projects or possible without Jen’s help.
The more I sat in there, the more I realized that it’s not a bad idea.


And you really can’t beat the view.
I’m not sure if I’m ready to get rid of my honey pot, especially with the cold winters out here. Jen better not run out of toilet paper over at her poo palace when the snow is 10 feet high.But you know, most women want diamonds and shoes. Mine only wants an outhouse. I can only be so lucky. Overall, it was a fun project for Jen and I to work on.
Now that I’ve given y’all a little insight into our high tech sewage system, let me go over my complex shower system. We have a custom “shower power 2000”. This Is a very unique system. You heat water up on the wood stove, add this hot water into the 5 gallon bucket. Inside the bucket, I placed a new boat sump pump and connected it to a shower head. This sump pump is connected to the batteries on the solar grid. A flip of the switch and, voila, you have a hot shower…. just not a long, hot shower. Our showers typically last around 4 to 5 mins tops. We’re both curious (or more like apprehensive) to see how these showers are in the dead of winter.
Next in our luxurious plumbing line is the latest and greatest faucets. Now to Jennifer’s delight, this is the only plumbing on the property that doesn’t use a 5 gallon bucket. Instead we have a 3 gallon container that we fill up when doing dishes, washing hands, etc. We have the same set up in the bathroom as well. Just like the outhouse, dish washing also has a great view. The old man that lived here before us played a very mean joke and installed faucet fixtures for some odd reason. I can’t tell you how many times I continue to try to turn on the water. Honestly, we have grown accustomed to all of these practices and we are at peace. No longer are they inconveniences but more a way of life.

6 thoughts on “A Man, A Woman & their Buckets

  1. Nice work on the outhouse! I like the French door–divided so you can open the top half and see the lake while still having privacy. I have an outhouse at my cabin in the mountains. I really hate having to sit on it when the temperature is 30 below zero!


  2. ummmmm are you trying to discourage visitors? LOL! not working! I’m coming to visit.
    P.S. I have a honey pot in my Apocalypse supply stash!


  3. I am totally impressed with your
    ***** – 5 Star Outhouse!! The first thing I thought of before I saw your picture, was wow what a view. I agree with you and the “honey pot”
    Love you,



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